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Marks & Spencer returns to Paris.

Many of you will already know this, many more will not care, but there will be some people who simply have no idea. Marks & Spencer left Paris, along with the rest of Europe, a decade ago, due to a low success rate in Europe. France, however, and especially Paris, had welcomed M&S with open arms, and lamented its departure.

This month, they will lament no more, for M&S is returning to French shores, with a flagship store at 100 Champs Elysées. Finally, we won’t have to return to England to get “bacon, sausages, double cream, Earl Grey tea and cotton knickers”, as The Guardian put it, as well as (I hope) ready meals, cheddar, tights, and shoes that I know will fit.

The store will open in November, they say. It’s now November, the French website is now live, at, and excitement is building, especially within the British expat community to which I belong. I am not exaggerating when I say that we - and many like us - are planning a trip as soon as possible, to stock up on such delights.

Maybe I’ll see some of you there…

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